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Which of three liquids has the greatest mass? water, oil and vinegar ... In general, dissolving stuff in water makes it more dense, making vinegar the densest of ...


For example: A rock is obviously more dense than a crumpled piece of paper of the ... Oil and vinegar salad dressing: The oil floats on the vinegar water mixture,  ...


A piece of wood will float on water; but, most rocks are more dense than water, so they will sink. Helium is less ... Oil floats on vinegar because its density is less.


Whatever fluid is underneath is denser. Vinegar is denser than oil (since it is mostly water) and the proof of that is that you ...


Hint: denser liquids sink in less dense liquids. 75 Views. Promoted by FluksAqua ... How do vinegar and water mix? How much more dense is cold water than warm water? Can someone walk on water if it ...


Mar 21, 2010 ... Unlike vinegar, when water freezes, it occupies a large volume. It is known that fresh water comes with a maximum density of about four ...


Lighter liquids (like water or vegetable oil) are less dense than heavier liquids ( like honey or corn ... For example, the honey will weigh more than the dish soap.


Vinegar is denser than water because vinegar is made of different ... When there is no salt in the water, then the egg is more dense than the water and it sink.


How do the densities of vegetable oil, water, and corn syrup help them to form ... oil is less dense than water and that the corn syrup is more dense than water.