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Jean Baccou of Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN), Fontenay-aux-Roses IRSN with expertise in Applied Mathematics, Statistics. ... The microstructure illustrating the methodology of the RVE size determination is a metal matrix composite with randomly distributed aligned brittle inclusions: the hydrided ...


P Leleux, JM Badier, J Rivnay, C Bénar, T Hervé, P Chauvel, ... Advanced healthcare materials 3 (4), 490-493, 2014. 37, 2014. A comparison of methods for separation of transient and oscillatory signals in EEG. N Jmail, M Gavaret, F Wendling, A Kachouri, G Hamadi, JM Badier, ... Journal of neuroscience methods 199 (2), ...


We would like to thank Alain M., Olivier P., Hester J., Remy M., Claudette M., Gilian C., Beatrice L., Annie B., Alain G., Thierry, H.Roger M.Hervé, J Marc B., Edouard L., Alain G., Antoine M., Daniel D., François-Marie P., Jean-P F., Béatrice M., MY W., Luc V., Chloé M., Françoise S., Eric B., Francoise T., Hervé J., Etienne L., ...


Jun 15, 1996 ... Abstract. BACKGROUND. A Phase I or II trial was conducted to assess the toxicity and the efficacy of a tandem high dose chemotherapy combining ifosfamide, carboplatin, and teniposide in patients with poor prognosis ovarian carcinoma.


The story of the Siege is interwoven with the tale of two adversaries, the ageing Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette, and his contemporary, the Barbary corsair Dragut Reis who commanded the fleet of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent . It is also the story of thousands of lives of Maltese Islanders, men at arms to the ...


When a connection attempt fails, printing the resulting failure produces something like this: Traceback (most recent call last): Failure: twisted.internet. error.ConnectionRefusedError: Connection was refused by other side: 111: Connection refused. This is not a lot of information. In particular, it does not indicate the intended ...


comment:9 follow-up: 10 Changed 10 years ago by Jean-Paul Calderone. This is almost fixed in [source:/branches/epoll-hup-err-2809]. There are some tests which need to be skipped on gtkreactor though, which I haven't gotten to.


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Jun 11, 2012 ... In this case, there was one protein group that contains two separate protein entries from the Medicago database. .... This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF#0701846) to Michael R. Sussman, Joshua J. Coon, and Jean-Michel Ané. Christopher M. Rose was funded ...