Nov 7, 2018 ... By Jessica Kwong On 11/7/18 at 3:11 PM EST ... Attorney General Jeff Sessions has left his post on Wednesday, a day after Democrats gained ...


Nov 7, 2018 ... Jefferson B. Sessions III, the U.S. attorney for south Alabama, testifies at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, May 6, 1986, ...


JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III, Attorney General, Respondent. ... Chad A. Readler, Acting Assistant Attorney General, Anthony P. Nicastro, Assistant Director, ...


United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. RAMZAN ALI CHAUDHRY, Petitioner, v. JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III, Attorney General, Respondent. No.


Oct 24, 2018 ... JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS, III, Attorney General, │ Respondent. │ ┘ On Petition for Review from the Board of Immigration Appeals; No.


Nov 21, 2016 ... Sessions, whom President-elect Donald Trump has tapped to be attorney general, was purportedly ... "Jefferson Beauregard Sessions" holds views that are "incompatible with constitutional guarantees," Sen. ... Jeff Sessions.


Sun v. Sessions. Petition for certiorari denied on October 29, 2018 ... Sep 14 2018, Brief of respondent Jefferson B. Sessions, III, Attorney General in opposition ...


Aug 23, 2018 ... The United States Department of Justice (“USDOJ”), led by Attorney General. Jefferson B. Sessions III, and the Office of Justice Programs ...


Apr 19, 2018 ... 17-2991. CITY OF CHICAGO,. Plaintiff-Appellee, v. JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III , Attorney. General of the United States,. Defendant-Appellant.