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The paternal grandparents of I.J. filed a petition for visitation after the grandparents and I.J.'s mother disagreed over visitation. After a trial, the court ruled in favor of the grandparents, concluding that they had rebutted the statutory presumption “that a parent's decision with regard to grandparent visitation is in the grandchild's ...


Case opinion for AK Supreme Court JONES v. JONES. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


Mar 26, 2017 ... Grant Sturek. Age: 19. Party: Democrat. Occupation: UNO student. Home: Omaha . Public offices held: None. Education: UNO student. Family: Single ... Maurice J. Jones. Age: 18. Party: Democrat. Occupation: Student. Home: Omaha. Public offices held: None. Education: Senior at UNO/OPS Middle College.


Grant Sturek was a candidate for District 1 representative on the Omaha City Council in Nebraska. Sturek was defeated in the general election on May 9, 2017 . Sturek lost in the primary election on April 4, 2017, but replaced Paul Anderson on the general election ballot after Anderson's withdrawal. Though Omaha's ...


Jones, J.J., N.J. Dietz, C.L. Heaps, J.L. Parker, and M. Sturek. Calcium buffering in coronary smooth muscle after .... V. Simianu, M.J. Locker, J-X. Cheng, M. Sturek. Stent-induced coronary artery stenosis characterized by multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy. J. Biomed. Opt. 16:021110, 2011. PMID 21361673. Trask, A.J. ...


Email: msturek@iu.edu. Laboratory website: http://physiology.medicine.iu.edu/ people-in-physiology/michael-sturek-ph-d/. CONTENTS ..... Jones, J.J., J.A. Rapps, M. Sturek, M.L. Mattox, H.R. Adams, and J.L. Parker. Contractile function and myoplasmic ..... 123. Wang, H-W. V. Simianu, M.J. Locker, J-X. Cheng, M. Sturek.

Aug 28, 2013 ... Elio Motors was in Denver Colorado at the Park Meadows Mall Aug 28 2013 showing off there new car that's coming out in June of 2014.


Nov 1, 2002 ... Edward O. Ojuka, Terry E. Jones, Dong-Ho Han, May Chen, Brian R. Wamhoff, Michael Sturek, John O. Holloszy .... This was reflected in a significant decrease in total protein per dish: 3.5 ± 0.3 mg/plate for ionomycin treatment vs. ... Continuous vs. intermittent exposure of L6 myotubes to 1 μM ionomycin.


Sep 11, 2009 ... Initial dose responses to NS-1619 were recorded for comparison of microvascular vasodilation in lean versus MetS swine. ..... Bratz IN, Dick GM, Tune JD, Edwards JM, Neeb ZP, Dincer UD, Sturek M. Impaired capsaicin- induced relaxation of coronary arteries in a porcine model of the metabolic syndrome.