... and Anhoa Tran, R.N., Parkinson's and Movement Disorder Institute, Fountain Valley, CA; Robert Rodnitzky, M.D., and Judith Dobson, R.N., University of Iowa,  ...


The opening titles for a mini documentary series on Le Quesnoy's liberation by New Zealanders in WW1.


James Dobson, founder of the religious right powerhouse Focus on the Family, met ... of these interventions,” according to Dr. Judith Glassgold, the lead author.


William Dobson (4 March 1611 (baptised); 28 October 1646 (buried)) was a portraitist and one of the first notable English painters, praised by his contemporary ...


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Feb 26, 2016 ... William Dobson was described by the diarist John Aubrey as “the most ... daughter of a William and Judith Dobson, christened 16 April 1639.


Sep 20, 2018 ... *Correspondence: Judith N. Mandl ac.lligcm@ldnam.htiduj. This article was submitted to .... Brook CE, Dobson AP. Bats as 'special' reservoirs ...


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