Below is a list of the first LGBT holders of political offices in the United States. As of 2019: all 50 states have been served by openly LGBT elected politicians in some capacity;; 46 states have elected openly LGBT politicians to one or both houses of their state legislature;; there has been one openly bisexual state governor .... Evelyn Mantilla (D) – came out as America's first openly bisexual state official ...


Feb 15, 2018 ... DEFENDERS; BAY AREA LAWYERS FOR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM; ... KIRSTJEN M. NIELSEN, in her official capacity as Secretary of .... Assistant Attorney General, Douglas N. Letter, Sharon Swingle, ... State of Texas, State of Alabama, State of Arizona, State of Arkansas, State ... Christopher J. Hajec, Julie.


Nov 15, 2018 ... CFR program and its mission to prevent child deaths in Arizona. ... The Honorable Douglas A. Ducey, Governor, State of Arizona ... authors and do not necessarily represent official views of the Centers for ...... System, Attorney General's Office and community-based services to effectively ...... Julie M. Rhodes .


Judy Uphoff, Individually and in Her Official Capacity As Wyoming Department ... Steve Hargett, Warden; Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma, .... in His Official Capacity; Steve Amland, Assistant District Attorney, Individually and ..... Louise Malik, Individually and As Mother and Natural Guardian of Her Daughter; Julie ...


Kern County Superior Court; Attorney General of the Stateof California, Respondents-appellees .... Jeane E. Anderson, Warden*; Attorneygeneral of the State of California, .... in His Official Capacity; Deidre Bagby, in Herofficial Capacity; Marc Gonzales .... Hutson, in Their Individual and Official Administrativecapacities; Joint ...


Linda H. Lamone, Administrator, Maryland State Board of Elections, et al., No. ..... Janet T. Mills, Individually and in Her Official Capacity as Attorney General of Maine, ... Janice K. Brewer, former Governor of Arizona, et al. v. .... John B. Rhodes, et al., No. .... Julie L. Jones, Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections, No.


Thank you for your interest in the Arizona Attorney General's Distinguished Service ... Advocacy/Direct Services: Where an individual or group of individuals has ...


Background Report Prepared by Arizona State University ... Everett Rhodes ..... Angela Kebric, Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Arizona Attorney .... Civic engagement describes how an individual participates in the community in ...... people to think outside of the box, and helps build their capacity to do so into the.


Mark Brnovich was inaugurated as Arizona's Attorney General in 2015. ... Attorney for the District of Arizona, and as an Assistant Attorney General with the state.