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SAMPLE BENEFICIARY DESIGNATIONS. One Beneficiary Only—. Jane Doe, wife. Two Beneficiaries—. Jane Doe, wife, and Mary Doe, daughter, equally or to  ...


TYPE OF BENEFICIARY. SAMPLE WORDING. 1. The Insured's Estate. Estate of the Insured. 2. One Beneficiary. Jane Doe, wife. 3. Two Beneficiaries. John Doe ...


BENEFICIARY TYPE, SAMPLE WORDING. One beneficiary, Jane Smith, Spouse . Two beneficiaries, John Doe, brother and Mary Doe, sister, equally or to the ...


It is understood and agreed upon receipt of this beneficiary designation by AUL ... Sample: Jane Doe and Mary Doe, cousins, in equal shares, or their survivors.


Instructions for Naming or Changing a Beneficiary ... Example my son, James Doe, my son, William Doe, my daughter, Jane Doe and any other children of mine.


Form F-1C: Active Members Only: Designation of Beneficiary for TRS Retirement Account Balance ... (1) ONE PRIMARY BENEFICIARY: "Mary Jane Doe, Wife.".


We will review your plan and get back to you with approval to designate Jane Doe Inc. as the beneficiary. We'll consider message, promotion, and function to ...


Jun 1, 1991 ... The primary and contingent beneficiary(ies) determines the order in which beneficiaries become eligible to ... For example: Jane Doe, wife.


This beneficiary designation supersedes all prior Beneficiary designations and settlement agreements ... "Children born of the marriage of John and Jane Doe".