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The artwork for the cover and liner note booklet of Jane Doe was designed and created by Jacob Bannon. The booklet features lyrics for each song on the album , however the lyrics are intentionally scattered and some times hard to read. Bannon stated "Visually, I just wanted to capture that disillusionment with relationships ...


Jane Doe is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band Converge. Widely credited for the popularization, if not creation, of the metalcore genre, the album was immediately met with widespread critical acclaim. Critics praised its poetic lyrics, dynamic range, ferocity and production. Jacob Bannon had this to say ...


Jane Doe Lyrics: Jane doe / I don't even know you, but i know for sure / That you' re beautiful. So baby let me know / Your name. Damn what's her name? Cause i' m overly attracted And terribly.


Jane Doe Lyrics: These floods of you are unforgiving / Pushing passed me spilling through the banks / And I fall / Faster than light and faster than time / That's how memory works / At least in the.


Jane Doe / I don't think I know you, but I know fo' sho' / That you are beautiful, so baby let me know / Your name / Damn what's her name? / 'Cause I'm overly attracted / And terribly convinced / That she could be my princess and I could be her prince / And I felt that way, since / Since I saw Jane Doe / Jane Doe / I don't even ...

Jan 12, 2011 ... Lyrics Video for the song Jane Doe by Never Shout Never from their album What Is Love? The content used in this video is owned completely by "UMG" (Universal Music Group) they own it, not me. I do not intend to make any money, or items, or anything from this video. It is entirely for fun. Thank you to ...


Lyrics to 'Jane Doe' by Alicia Keys. Kandi- / hey yo alicia / alicia- / whatz up kandi / kandi- / man these jane doe's be killin' me thinkin' they slick wit it.


Tracklist with lyrics of the album JANE DOE [2001] from Converge: Concubine - Fault And Fracture - Distance And Meaning - Hell To Pay - Homewrecker - The ...


Dec 23, 2014 ... I mean, I've listened to Jane Doe over a hundred times at this point. I've thrown up my fist during half a dozen shows. I've even forced their music on countless annoyed friends. But 90 percent of the strange, guttural noises that emerge from singer/lyricist Jacob Bannon still sound more like primal war cries ...