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The footage depicts the heavyweight championship that took place in Reno, NV on July 4, 1910, when reigning champion Jack Johnson, a black American, knocked out former champion James J. Jeffries, a white American, in the fifteenth round of a very one-sided fight. The fight was already a media sensation weeks before ...


Within a year of winning the title, Johnson made five successful defenses, all against white challengers. As this was happening, the media, boxing insiders and political forces mounted an effort to find a man -- a white man -- who could defeat Johnson. It was decided former champion Jeffries would be the "White Hope.".


Jul 2, 2010 ... Jack London, the noted American writer who summed up all the collective teeth- gnashing going on by openly calling for a "great white hope" to step up and win back their race's pride. London wrote: "Jim Jeffries must now emerge from his Alfalfa farm and remove that golden smile from Jack Johnson's face.


Case opinion for US 2nd Circuit JEFFRIES v. Blanche Bernstein, Defendant.. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


Jul 3, 2010 ... A century has passed since James J. Jeffries, the Great White Hope, fought Jack Johnson for the heavyweight title. ... Jack Johnson, left, and the unprepared James J. Jeffries during their heavyweight bout July 4, 1910, in Reno, Nev. Johnson soundly beat the man ... And LeBron vs. the Warriors. Go behind ...

Apr 19, 2011 ... Jim Jeffries - former previously unbeaten champion, coming out of retirement as the Great White Hope. .... =Manliness+and+civilization+:+a+cultural+history+of+ gender+and+race+in+the+United+States+pdf&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjim- uYu9fUAhWmx4MKHdicDz4Q6AEIKDAA#v=onepage&q&f=false.


Topics in Chronicling America - Jack Johnson vs. James J. Jeffries. Jack Johnson wins the "Battle of the Century" against James Jeffries on July 4, 1910 in Reno, Nevada. The fight between Johnson and Jeffries sparked nation-wide response, including both celebrations and riots. Johnson was the first African American ...


Jun 13, 2016 ... The white man must be rescued." - Novelist Jack London after Johnson won the title; "I am going into this fight for the sole purpose of proving that a white man is better than a Negro." - Jim Jeffries before the fight; Jeff is too old and cannot get into condition to fight anybody. He's all in, and nobody knows it ...


Aug 27, 2012 ... United States v. Jeffries. Page 3. 'Cause if I have to kill a judge or a lawyer or a woman I don't care. 'Cause this is my daughter we're talking about. .... Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, 315 U.S. 568. (1942); see also United States v. White, 670 F. 3d 498, 507 (4th Cir. 2012). A § 875(c) prosecution, then, ...