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Edmund Gerald "JerryBrown Jr. (born April 7, 1938) is an American politician, author and lawyer serving as the 39th and current Governor of California since 2011, previously holding the position from 1975 to 1983, making him the state's longest-serving Governor. As a consequence of the 28-year gap between his second ...


Thank you @CSSJustice and the hundreds who joined you at the Capitol during #NationalCrimeVictimsRightsWeek to hear #SurvivorsSpeak. Your work to advance trauma recovery, rehabilitation and restorative justice is bold & impactful . Embedded. CA Safety & Justice and Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. 225 . 71.


Mar 31, 2018 ... In a Saturday morning tweet from Florida, President Trump took aim at California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who a day earlier pardoned five immigrants who were facing deportation. “Governor Jerry 'Moonbeam' Brown pardoned 5 criminal illegal aliens whose crimes include (1) Kidnapping and Robbery (2) ...


Apr 11, 2018 ... Gov. Jerry Brown agreed Wednesday to expand the California National Guard's efforts on crime and drug issues that cross the state's border, but insisted troops would not be used to enforce immigration directives from President Trump.


Jan 24, 2018 ... SACRAMENTO — When Jerry Brown became the 34th governor of California in 1975, he was a young and impetuous bachelor who slept on a box spring and took pleasure in defying political convention. He was the vanguard of the left, the face and spirit of a new generation of a state that — politically and ...


Mar 31, 2018 ... Gov. Jerry Brown of California on Friday pardoned five ex-convicts facing possible deportation, drawing criticism from President Trump and heightening continued tensions between Washington and California. The five immigrants were among 56 pardons and 14 commutations Mr. Brown granted on Friday ...


Apr 11, 2018 ... California Gov. Jerry Brown said Wednesday he would accept federal funds to add hundreds of new members to the National Guard to support the state's “ ongoing program to combat transnational crime.” But he emphasized that the troops wouldn't be enforcing federal immigration policies.


5:16 AM ET Mon, 23 April 2018. BERLIN— Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is donating $4.5 million to the United Nations body that oversees climate change negotiations. Congress cut funding for the Bonn, Germany- based UNFCCC from $7.5 million in previous years to $3 million this year. Jerry Brown, to ...


Mar 31, 2018 ... President Donald Trump lashed out at California Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday morning, continuing a longstanding feud between his administration and the Golden State over immigration.