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Seraiah or Sraya is the name of several people mentioned in the Hebrew Bible: The father of Joab (1 Chronicles 4:13, 14). It is unlikely that this Joab is the son of Tsruiah, King David's sister, because ... Father or ancestor of Ezra the scribe ( Book of Ezra 7:1), understood by many as the same person as Seraiah (4); A ruler of ...


He bore to the Jews in Babylon a message from the prophet Jeremiah. .... Ahimelech the son of Abiathar, were priests; and Seraiah was scribe; (See RSV) .


Definition and meaning:SERAIAH se-ra'-ya, se-ri'-a (serayahu, 'Yah hath prevailed'; Septuagint Saraias, ... One of David's scribes or secretaries ( 2 Samuel 8:17 ). ... ( Nehemiah 12:12 ); The son of Neriah and brother of Baruch. ... of those who sealed the covenant binding all Jews not to take foreign wives ( Nehemiah 10:2).


(2) A descendant of Judah and father of Jethro and other sons (1 Chronicles 4:17 ). ... was the son of Jehozadak and the grandson of Seraiah, Ezra was probably the ... Scriptures and Jewish tradition, however, Ezra was pre-eminently a scribe,  ...


May 5, 2014 ... Seraiah in Biblical Hebrew ... A man of not submitted genealogy who was a scribe in the early days of king David's reign (2 Samuel 8:17). ... Seraiah's son Jehozadak became high-priest while being deported to Babylon and ...


Among the hundreds of Hebrew seals and seal-impressions dating from biblical times ... BARUCH THE SCRIBE AND JERAHMEEL THE KING'S SON. 53 .... According to our suggestion the owner of the seal, Seraiah (ben) Neriah, should be.


One of king David's scribes (2 Sam. 8:17; see 1 Chron. 18:16 for Shavsha). The son of Azariah and chief priest at Jerusalem when Nebuchadnezzar took it.


Ezra (active 5th century B.C.) was a Hebrew priest, scribe, religious leader, and reformer who vitally influenced Judaism. The son of Seraiah, Ezra was a ...


The Hebrew term for "scribe" is sofer, a participle form of the root spr, meaning "to count." It is a ... The first biblical reference to sofer is found in the Song of Deborah (Judg. 5:14). ... During the time of David, a certain Seraiah (II Sam. 8:17  ...