Seraiah or Sraya is the name of several people mentioned in the Hebrew Bible: The father of Joab[edit]. (1 Chronicles 4:13, 14). It is unlikely that this Joab is the son of Tsruiah, King David's sister, because ... 1.3 One of David's scribes or secretaries; 1.4 Seraiah the son of Tanhumeth; 1.5 One of those who returned from ...


Definition and meaning:SERAIAH se-ra'-ya, se-ri'-a (serayahu, 'Yah hath prevailed'; Septuagint Saraias, ... One of David's scribes or secretaries ( 2 Samuel 8:17 ). ... ( Nehemiah 12:12 ); The son of Neriah and brother of Baruch. ... of those who sealed the covenant binding all Jews not to take foreign wives ( Nehemiah 10:2).


Seraiah. The king's scribe or secretary in the reign of David. (2 Samuel 8:17) ( B.C. 1043.) The high priest ... (Nehemiah 12:12); The son of Neriah and brother of Baruch. ... He bore to the Jews in Babylon a message from the prophet Jeremiah.


May 5, 2014 ... Seraiah in Biblical Hebrew ... A man of not submitted genealogy who was a scribe in the early days of king David's reign (2 Samuel 8:17). ... Seraiah's son Jehozadak became high-priest while being deported to Babylon and ...


—Biblical Data: A descendant of Seraiah the high priest (Neh. viii. 13; Ezra vii. 1 et seq.; II Kings xxv. 18-21); a member of the priestly order, and therefore known ...


One of king David's scribes (2 Sam. 8:17; see 1 Chron. 18:16 for Shavsha). The son of Azariah and chief priest at Jerusalem when Nebuchadnezzar took it.


Ezra (480–440 BCE), also called Ezra the Scribe (Ezra ha-Sofer) and Ezra the ... According to the Hebrew Bible he was a descendant of Seraiah (Ezra 7:1) the ...


Father of Ezra the scribe (7:1). 7. A ruler of the temple (Nehemiah 11:11). 8. A priest of the days of Jehoiakim (Nehemiah 12:1, 12). 9. The son of Neriah.


Feb 23, 2017 ... Genealogy for Seraiah ., Last High Priest of Judea (c. ... Hebrew: שריה ., הכהן הגדול האחרון בבית המקדש הראשון, Italian: Seraia ., Last High Priest of Judea, ... son. Ezra . , Priest and Scribe. son. Jachin ., High Priest of Israel. son.