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Gabriel in the Abrahamic religions, is an archangel. He was first described in the Hebrew Bible ..... Exegesis narrates that Muhammad saw Gabriel in his full angelic splendor .... Jibril is a member of the Flügel race and was a member of the Council of 18 Wings, a prominent section in the government. ..... Mālik · Zabāniyah.


In Islam, angels are celestial beings, created from a luminious origin by God to perform certain ... According to the Isra and Mi'raj-narrations, Muhammad met an angel composed of .... Jibra'il/Jibril/Jabril (Judeo-Christian: Gabriel), the angel of revelation. .... Angels in Islam: Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti's al-Haba'ik fi Akhbar al-malik .


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Feb 10, 2019 ... How Does Archangel Gabriel Quiz Muhammad in the Hadith? ... (also known as Jibril in Islam) quizzes Muhammad about Islam to test how well he understands the religion. .... Archangel Malik, the Angel who Supervises Hell.


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... Malik (may Allah bless his soul) was asked regarding naming someone Jibril ... Believers) who gave birth to Ibrahim, the son of Prophet Muhammad (peace ...


The night journey and the ascension of prophet Muhammad. ... In answer to the Prophet's question, Jibril said, "Malik did not smile since the day Allah created ...


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In 620, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) experienced the Isra and Mi'raj, .... In answer to the Prophet's question, Jibril said, "Malik did not smile since the day Allah ...