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The Gift of the Magi" is a short story, written by O. Henry about a young married couple and how ... Satisfied with the perfect gift for Jim, Della runs home and begins to prepare pork chops for dinner. ... Della then shows Jim the chain she bought for him, to which Jim says he sold his watch to get the money to buy her combs.


I have a Star Trek garden with 21 Star Trek named daylilies and many plants to attract ... Jim and Della are poor but they want to get each other a Christmas gift.


Her Jim. Many a happy hour she had spent planning for something nice for him. ... the flat across the airshaft, Della would have let her hair hang out the window ...


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Della and Jim are like many young couples: deeply in love, but completely broke. Throughout the year Della scrapes by, but on Christmas she wants to give Jim ...


Dec 19, 2008 ... Many a happy hour she had spent planning to buy something nice for him. ... Had the Queen of Sheba lived in their building, Della would have let her hair hang out the ... Della looked in all the stores to choose a gift for Jim.


Della basically lives for one thing (or rather, person): Jim, her husband. She's spent a lot of the time leading up to Christmas just thinking of what to get him:


Dec 2, 2010 ... The ur-text is O. Henry's famous short story "The Gift of the Magi. ... why, if Della really wanted the combs, she wouldn't already have bought them. ... When Jim chooses a gift for Della, he signals that he spent time on it and ...


In “The Gift of the Magi,” Jim and Della Dillingham Young are a young couple of ... They have two prized possessions: Jim's pocket watch, which previously ... On Christmas Eve, the couple only had $1.87 to spend on gifts for each other.