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Our business is helping ex-offenders and felons get jobs. We want our list to be the best. We have contacted every company. They do hire people with criminal ...


Tell employers about the benefits of hiring a worker with a criminal record. ... Credit, which gives tax discounts to employers who hire low-income ex-offenders.


Have a criminal record and need a job? Find tips and resources to help you explore careers, get training, and search and apply for jobs.


One of the first requirements for an offender who is released from prison is to obtain a job. Employment increases an ex-offender's opportunities to obtain ...


This list of jobs for felons is by Ex-offenders,net. A convicted felon's re-entry is challenging. This list is for you, the ex-offender, needing employment.


Google, Starbucks and many other companies are getting on board with a White House initiative ... Ex-felons get a raw deal when it comes to employment.


Looking for a job is no piece of cake for anyone, but when ex-convicts search for ... Sometimes, at the end of the day when all the circled ads in the paper have ...


For felons to get jobs, they often need the ... work and apprenticeship opportunities to ex-cons ...


Resources on Federal Bonding, Virginia Civil Rights Restoration, and Public Assistance available to ex-offenders. Federal Bonding Program A link to the U.S.  ...