Placeholder names are words that can refer to objects or people whose names are temporarily .... In the United States and Canada, John Doe and the variations Jane Doe (for females) and John .... Ian, "Meet John Doe: stand-ins", section 3.7 in IanWatson.org, Cognitive Design, (Ph.D. dissertation, Rutgers University, 2005 ).


This article is about placeholder names for things, persons, places, time, numbers and other ..... The equivalent of John Doe for an unspecified (but not an unidentified) person is Jan Jansen ("Jansen" ... The affix-turned-lexeme aĵo "thing " is also arguably a place holder, since it is less specific than the older lexeme objekto.


Nov 17, 2009 ... The suit — the first of its kind — was brought on behalf of a "John Doe" Internet Service Provider that had been served with an NSL and had ...


Peculiar names for the placeholder connoisseur. Placeholder name generator.


Eric H. HOLDER, Jr., United States Attorney General, Respondent. ... Petitioner, John Doe, a native and citizen of Ghana, was a lawful permanent resident of the  ...


John doe definition, an anonymous, average man. ... unknown person; using the name John Doe to stand for an unknown person: The judge issued a John Doe ...


May 29, 2008 ... We probably know the U.S. versions, like thingy, dealybob, doohickey, John Doe, Jane Doe, Joe Schmoe, John Q. Public and so on, but do you ...


Jun 9, 2001 ... Ultimately, investigators were forced to conclude that John Doe No. .... who amputated her leg with a knife -- she broke down on the stand.


Jan 25, 2017 ... IRS is making aggressive use of John Doe Summonses that allow it to ... for offshore accounts users (and SML debit card holders) who have ...