The Gospel of John is the fourth of the canonical gospels. The work is anonymous, although it ... 95 with some parts possibly dating to Nero's reign in the early 60s. ..... John does assert that Jesus was known as the "son of Joseph" in 6:42.


The Word Became Flesh - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him.


The reason whythe world does not know us is thatit did not know him. ... 9No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God's seed abides in him; and he ...


25They asked him, “Why then do you baptize if you are not the Messiah or Elijah ... among you whom you do not recognize, 27the one who is coming after me, ... Its core (Jn 1:1–5, 10–11, 14) is poetic in structure, with short phrases linked by ...


13But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zechariah, because your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall name him John. ... and Elizabeth, filled with the holy Spirit, 42cried out in a loud voice and said, .... [1:5–2:52] Like the Gospel according to Matthew, this gospel opens with an ...


The literary considerations that link 2 John and 3 John also link them with the ... the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh; ...


Aug 7, 2015 ... The following shows that dev\john does not have access to PRIMARY ... (SID: S-1 -5-21-4275052721-3205085442-2770241942) and add the ...


letter, John reminded his readers of God's love and that they do not need to fear His judgment. In ... Faith, Obedience, and Love — Read 1 John 5:1–5.


John 1:5. Relation of the light to the darkness. καὶ τὸ φῶς] and the light .... The light does not banish the darkness: the darkness does not overpower the light. ... We have here an instance of what has been called the “tragic tone” in S. John.