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"John Doe" , "John Roe" or "Richard Roe" (for men), "Jane Doe" or "Jane Roe" ( for women), ... 8.02 If an unknown person has possession of the confidential personal .... This order gives protection to the intellectual property owner, Reliance ...


Thus, VPI's only remedy is to pursue individually each person that posted and ... Because the operators of the bulletin boards are in possession of information ... Upon information and belief, Defendants Other John Doe Entities 1 through 10.


Mar 17, 2010 ... Florida title company owner Matt bales explains single, joint and other types of home ownership. ... However if a married person takes title in his or her own name, ... Under Joint Tenancy all joint tenants have equal possession rights to .... If the deed says the property is granted to Jane Doe and John Doe, ...


BOROUGH OF LEONIA, Defendant-Appellant, John Doe (said name being fictitious ... defenses that would be available to the public entity if it were a private person. ... Justice Jacobs reasoned that when a defendant's building is used for ... when such an owner “makes no use of the sidewalk other than pedestrian passage ...


Jan 2, 2003 ... John Doe - meaning and origin. ... And the actual person who wrongfully had possession of the owner's land simply had no legal standing in ...


affecting the title to or possession of real property may be recorded. 1. The word " instrument" ... entity. Ownership of property can take many forms. The form of ownership is usually selected based on the .... "I, John A. Doe, a single man, grant to Emma B. Roe, a widow, all that real property situated in .... building restrictions.


effect that possession was transferred, followed by entry of the new owner. ... “I, John A. Doe, a single man, grant to Emma B. Roe, a widow, all that real property situated in ..... A deed to a governmental entity must ordinarily contain ... The grant includes appurtenant easements for ingress and egress and building restrictions.


Nov 17, 2016 ... approving the service of an Internal Revenue Service “John Doe” summons on Coinbase, Inc. for ... filings are permitted from other persons or entities. ... associated with their circulation and is not owned by any government. .... merchants to build applications and accept bitcoin payments; and (4) “Shift Card  ...


A1) one year from the FGPM Property Management Agreement (hereinafter “PMA ”) ... tenants; recover possession of the Property in Owner's name; recover rents and other ..... a foreign entity, or other non-U.S. person, (Foreign Investor) Owner.