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Case opinion for MO Court of Appeals JOHNSON v. ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


Mar 17, 2009 ... Johnson purchased his grandfather's home in Salem, Missouri, (hereinafter, “the property”) in 1999. Johnson contacted Allstate to obtain insurance on the property. An Allstate agent took Johnson's application over the phone, and Allstate issued Johnson a homeowner's insurance policy. The property was ...


Case opinion for CO Court of Appeals JOHNSON v. STATE FARM MUTUAL ... Allstate Ins. Co. v. Avis Rent–A–Car Sys., Inc., 947 P.2d 341, 345 (Colo.1997). We are mindful that “our interpretation should give consistent, harmonious, and sensible effect to all parts of [the] statute.” Apodaca, 255 P.3d at 1102–03 ( internal ...


Jul 30, 2008 ... Allstate Insurance Co. has lost its appeal of a $16 million judgment against it for not settling a claim for the $50000 limit on an auto insurance policy. ... Allstate did not settle a demand for insurance policy limits of $50,000 made against its insured, Wayne Davis, Jr., Edward and Virginia Johnson.


Aug 1, 2008 ... Johnson v. Allstate Insurance Co.: drunk driving for profit. Wayne Davis, Jr., had a .203 blood-alcohol level, when he drove his pickup across the center line of a Camden ... You'll be happy to hear that the Johnsons didn't try to blame the beer company or the auto manufacturer, and simply sued Davis.


Johnson was covered under a homeowner's insurance policy issued by Omega when she filed a claim to recover damages resulting from conditions which she ... below, holding that a recovery for attorney's fees under section 627.428 requires an incorrect denial of benefits by the insurance company, not a bad faith denial.


Searle v. Allstate Life Ins. Co. (1985) - 212 Cal. Rptr. 466, 38 Cal. 3d 425, 696 P. 2d 1308. ... (Johnson v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, supra, 404 F.2d 1202, 1204.) Thus, proof of the irresistible impulse would not be inconsistent with a finding of suicide while insane. (Ibid.; Nielsen v. Provident Life and Acc. Ins. Co.


Nov 23, 2016 ... In Johnson v. Omega the insurance carrier indicated that it relied on the opinion of the independent engineer in denying the claim and, therefore, it should not be responsible for attorney's fees. The Florida Supreme Court rejected the insurer's argument, that it may rely on the legislative presumption of ...


STILWELL, J.: Kevin Cowan and Jimmy Blanding (collectively Appellants) brought this declaratory judgment action against Allstate Insurance Company to ... to Allstate, they did not send a courtesy copy of the summons and complaint, nor otherwise provide any notice that the lawsuit, which only named Johnson as the ...