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Johnson v. Transportation Agency, 480 U.S. 616 (1987), is the only United States Supreme Court case to address a sex-based affirmative action plan in the employment context. The case was brought by Paul Johnson, a male Santa Clara Transportation Agency employee, who was passed over for a promotion in favor of ...


Johnson v. State of California , 69 Cal.2d 782. [L. A. No. 29565. In Bank. Dec. 4, 1968.] INA MAE JOHNSON, Plaintiff and Appellant, v. STATE OF CALIFORNIA .... App.2d 131, 135, the court advanced the following analysis: "Since obviously no mechanical separation of all activities in which public officials may engage as ...


Is a state's practice of temporary racial segregation of state prisoners subject to strict scrutiny? ... Respondent. California, et al. ... California prisoner Garrison Johnson alleged in federal district court that the California Department of Corrections used race to assign temporary cell mates for new prisoners. Johnson alleged this ...


This proceeding arises out of an action filed in February 1967 in the Superior Court for Santa Barbara County entitled Los Padres Aviation, Inc. v. Arthur E. Johnson, et al., number SM 3684. One of the named defendants is the Santa Maria Public Airport District, a public entity created pursuant to the Public Utilities Code, ...


Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division 1, California. William P. JOHNSON et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD, Defendant and Respondent. No. D043278. Decided: October 07, 2004. Craig Michael Collins,Collins Law Firm, Santa Monica, CA, for Plaintiffs and Appellants.


JOHNSON v. CALIFORNIA et al., (2005). No. 03-636. Argued: November 2, 2004 Decided: February 23, 2005. The California Department of Corrections' (CDC) unwritten policy of racially segregating prisoners in double cells for up to 60 days each time they enter a new correctional facility is based on the asserted rationale  ...


2 in prison reception centers? "Common-sense," replied the circuit court in Johnson v. California. It did not matter that the ruling invited comparison to Plessy v. Ferguson,4 which upheld the Jim ..... text (surveying wardens and finding that most do little to integrate their prisons); see also HASSINE ET AL., supra note 34, at 70.


Citation. Johnson v. State, 967 S.W.2d 410, 1998 Tex. Crim. App. LEXIS 49 (Tex. Crim. App. Apr. 15, 1998) Brief Fact Summary. At the murder trial of.


Murray et al. v. County of Santa Barbara et al.; Murray v. County of Santa Barbara ; Prisoners file class action lawsuit for failures to provide basic health care and to meet ADA requirements at the Santa Barbara County Jail.