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"Common-sense," replied the circuit court in Johnson v. ... 2 Unless otherwise indicated, references to "whites" designate non-Hispanic Caucasians ..... ( Thomas J. Bernard et al., eds., 2004); see also HASSINE ET AL., supra note 34, at 69 ("An.


Feb 23, 2005 ... CALIFORNIA et al. ... CDC institutions house all new male inmates and all male inmates transferred from other state facilities in reception centers for up ..... 2. Though, as Justice Thomas points out, see post, at 22—23, and n.


Jan 11, 2018 ... him by another inmate while he was incarcerated at the county jail facility. ... THOMAS R. FRIERSON, II, J., delivered the opinion of the court, ...


Feb 23, 2000 ... In Part II, I present a brief history of prison segregation and prison racial violence .... inmates by race.2' California's unwritten policy was to place all new male .... 42 Thomas noted that Johnson lived with African-Americans for ...... See Brief for American Civil Liberties Union et al. as Amici Curiae Supporting.


the provision of adequate legal libraries in prisons for inmate use.8 By providing ... 2. See Ex Parte Hull, 312 U.S. 546 (1941), infra note 81 and accompanying text . 3. .... Wright, 468. U.S. 737 (1984), wrote that "[all of the doctrines that cluster about Article III. ..... indigent prisoners 8 In Johnson, the Court was asked to deter- .


Jun 26, 2015 ... poses an increased prison term upon a defendant with three prior ... 2. JOHNSON v. UNITED STATES. Syllabus of crimes falling within certain categories, and not to the facts under- ... J., and THOMAS, J., filed opinions concurring in the judgment. ..... but offers no help at all with respect to the vast majority of.


Dec 2, 2009 ... 2. JOHNSON v. BREDESEN. THOMAS, J., concurring and collateral procedures and ... Petitioner cites no evidence otherwise and, for all his.


Melvin L. Wulf filed a brief for the American Civil Liberties Union et al., as amici curiae, urging reversal. Thomas C. Lynch, Attorney General of California, Albert ...


US v. Thomas Lee Rush, 1989, Retaliation on judge and witness, firearms ... US v. Lavell Johnson, Raymond Miolano, et al, 1991, Drug charges, Two inmates ...