12 hours ago ... Equifax Inc., case number 17-15201; Wilbur Green v. ... Experian Information Solutions Inc. et al., case number 17-15991; Scott Hunter v.


Nov 10, 2017 ... SIXTH CAUSE OF ACTION: ALABAMA DECEPTIVE TRADE ...... below), bring this action against Equifax, Inc. (“Equifax”), to recover monetary.


Sep 15, 2017 ... Equifax, Inc. et al.; 5:17-cv-01567-MHH. Alabama – Partridge v. ... Mead et al. v. Equifax Inc. et al.; 1:17-cv-05251-TWT ... District of Columbia - Santomauro et al. v. Equifax Inc. ..... Mississippi - Jones et al. v. Equifax Inc. et al.; ...


O'DELL PROPERTIES, LLC, et al. v. EQUIFAX INC. In re: Equifax ... Has your business been harmed by the Equifax Data Breach? OVERVIEW OF COMPLAINT.


Oct 3, 2017 ... ... CREDIT REPORTING ACT. 15 U.S.C. §§ 1681, et seq. .... ALABAMA DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES ACT. Ala. ...... See Jones v. Equifax, Inc., No. ... Equifax Inc. is in fact a consumer reporting agency. For purposes of.


Sep 7, 2017 ... Geragos & Geragos ... and on behalf of all others,. Plaintiffs, v. EQUIFAX INC.,. Defendant. Case No. 3:17-cv- ... complaint requests Equifax provide fair compensation in an amount that will .... Kelly Jones, OSB No. 074217.


Sep 8, 2017 ... Portfolio Media. Inc. | 111 West 19th Street, 5th Floor | New York, NY 10011 | www.law360.com .... Baxter of Baxter & Baxter LLP, Robert Le and Kelly Jones. Counsel ... Northern District of Georgia, and McHill et al. v. Equifax ...


JAMES JENKINS, et al., individually. : and on behalf of all others similarly situated,. : : Plaintiffs,. : : v. : Civil Action No. 3:15-cv-443. : EQUIFAX INFORMATION SERVICES, LLC, : : Defendant. ..... See Amchem Prods., Inc. v. ...... 2009); Jones v.


... CA; and Deanna L. Johnston and Nathaniel P. Garrett, Jones Day, San Francisco, CA. ... Bayside Medical Group, Inc., will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you. ... Code § 1785.1 et seq., including the CRAs' failure to conduct a proper ... fail to allow for review and consideration of all relevant information provided by the ...