Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is an American politician and ...... Tanfani, Joseph (March 21, 2018). "Following Trump's lead, Sessions ... Gonzales, Richard (June 14, 2018). "Sessions Cites The Bible To Justify ...


Jun 27, 2018 ... JOSE SANTOS GUZMAN GONZALEZ,. Petitioner, v. JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III, Attorney General,. Respondent. On Petition for Review of ...


Feb 14, 2018 ... Petitioners, v. JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III,. Attorney General,. Respondent. ... The panel denied Jose Alberto Gonzalez-Caraveo and ... GONZALEZ-CARAVEO V. SESSIONS. 3 concluding that the IJ had no jurisdiction over ...


Nov 2, 2018 ... v. JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III, Attorney. General,. Respondent. No. 15-73520 .... Scadron and Carl McIntyre, Assistant Directors; Joseph H. ..... 2008) (quoting Parrilla v. Gonzales, 414 F.3d 1038, 1041. (9th Cir. 2005)). III.


Jun 5, 2018 ... Jefferson B. Sessions, III, Attorney General, Department of Justice, ... Aleman Gonzalez and Jose Eduardo Gutierrez Sanchez pursuant to 8 ...


Aug 2, 2018 ... CANDIDO GONZALEZ DOMINGUEZ V. JEFFERSON SESSIONS, III, No. 15- 72814 (9th Cir. 2018) case opinion from the US Court of Appeals ...


Feb 2, 2018 ... Case opinion for US 5th Circuit JOSE SANTOS MEJIA v. JEFFERSON SESSIONS III ATTORNEY GENERAL. Read the Court's full decision on ... to a question of fact. See Zhu v. Gonzales, 493 F.3d 588, 595–96 & n.31 (5th Cir.


Case opinion for US 5th Circuit VILLEGAS SARABIA v. ... Jefferson B. SESSIONS , III, U. S. ATTORNEY GENERAL, Respondent .... Gonzales held that the BIA did not err in holding that the petitioner was .... In that case, Morales-Santana claimed United States citizenship based on the citizenship of his father, José Morales.


Mar 27, 2018 ... Plaintiffs Esteban Aleman Gonzalez of Antioch and Jose Gutierrez Sanchez of San Lorenzo are represented by Van Der Hout, ... Sessions ... Aleman Gonzalez and Gutierrez Sanchez were arrested by ... 3:18-cv-01869.