KCG Holdings, Inc. was an American global financial services firm engaging in market making, ... the completion of the previously announced merger whereby Knight Capital Group, Inc. and GETCO Holding Company, LLC were combined.


SURVEYOR CAPITAL is a trademark of KCG IP Holdings LLC. Filed in October 8 (2009), the SURVEYOR CAPITAL covers Capital investment services.


Apr 3, 2018 ... The company's Citadel Enterprise Americas and KCG IP Holdings entities filed two lawsuits in federal court in Chicago, alleging that Citadel ...


Transparent trading solutions meet advanced technology. As a leading financial technology firm, we leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver liquidity to ...


LP-KP IP Holdings LLC, Medical. 594 Broadway Suite 1010 New York, New York 10012. (917) 258-6052.


Jul 31, 2013 ... KCG IP Holdings LLC, Cancellation No. 92055228 (July 10, 2013) [not precedential]. The theory behind the Morehouse defense is that one ...


Mar 13, 2018 ... of KCG Holdings, formerly known as “Knight Capital”, one of the premier U.S. ...... Both Virtu Americas LLC and Virtu Financial Capital Markets LLC are ...... (277,15 . 3). Share based com pensa tio. n v ested upo n th e. IP. O.


Network Engineer at KCG Holdings, Inc. ... latency management instrumentation and troubleshooting in support of TCP/IP networks for financial applications.


2018. All rights reserved. The CITADEL®, CITADEL (& Castle Design)® and CITADEL SECURITIES® trademarks are all marks owned by KCG IP Holdings LLC, ...