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Kevcon, Inc. v. United States (Fed. Cl.) – Defendant. Congress continues to have a substantial basis in evidence for believing that racial discrimination in federal contracting remains a serious problem; Congress has a compelling interest in addressing the past and present effects of this discrimination; Section 8(a) is a ...


10/17/2017, CBCA 5813, Canon U.S.A., Inc. Kullberg, Dismissal. 10/10/2017, CBCA 5827, Eric ..... 06/24/2016, CBCA 4794, John Lewinger, as receiver for Corban ABQ V LLC, Chadwick, Decision. 06/22/2016, CBCA 5084, SecTek, Inc. ... 04/04/2016, CBCA 4353, 4543, Kevcon, Inc. Walters, Decision. 04/01/2016, CBCA ...


Dec 17, 2015 ... Colette Holt provides legal counsel and consulting services to governments and businesses on procurement and contracting; employment discrimination; regulatory compliance; Organizational change; program development, evaluation and implementation; and issues relating to inclusion, diversity and ...


Sep 26, 2016 ... An agency just messed up a procurement, and you want to protest. Where do you go? The vast majority of bid protests are filed with the Government Accountability Office (GAO). A far smaller percentage of protests are brought as lawsuits before the Court of Federal Claims. It is easy to forget there is a third ...


Jun 1, 2012 ... HARWELL v. SECRETARY OF H. $234,21 8.70. 1 2/28/201 1. 1 :08-vv-00750- UNJ. GRAVES et al v. SECRETARY 0. $228,401.06. 1 2/29/201 1 ...... KEVCON INC. 1 : 1 2-cv-00094-LMB. Contract- (Pre Award) lnju. - - --. --. KAUTZ. 1 :99-w- 001 09-UNJ. Injury- M/M/R. HOUSE. 1 :99-w-00406-GWM.


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50. M-784, Federal Contractor List. 29. 153. www.dhs.gov/e-verify. USCIS- Verification Division. List of Federal Contractors with E-Verify Clause. Employer Name. Employer City Employer Zip Code Federal Contractor Employee Verification Workforce Query State Size Volume. Remote Access Technology USA Inc. Las Vegas.