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Mar 27, 2013 ... 2013 Cicek et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative .... Bars represent mean ± SEM; n = 6– 8 aortic rings/group. *P < 0.05 vs. CON. (by using ANOVA with Tukey test). Cicek et al. Cardiovascular Diabetology 2013, 12:51. Page 3 of 10.


Sep 24, 2013 ... Malaria is one of the most prevailing fatal diseases causing between 1.2 and 2.7 million deaths all over the world each year. Further ... Citation: Kalani K, Agarwal J, Alam S, Khan F, Pal A, Srivastava SK (2013) In Silico and In Vivo Anti-Malarial Studies of 18β Glycyrrhetinic Acid from Glycyrrhiza glabra.


Methods We used streptozotocin-injected rats, as a model of type 1 diabetes, and their lean controls to investigate the role of ROCK upregulation in the function of toracic aorta by using...


Sep 24, 2013 ... Malaria is one of the most prevailing fatal diseases causing between 1.2 and 2.7 million deaths all over the world each year. Further, development of ..... Kalani K, Kushwaha V, Verma R, Murthy PK, Srivastava SK (2013) Glycyrrhetinic acid and its analogs: A new class of antifilarial agents. Bioorg Med Chem ...


This study was designed to evaluate the lead concentration in blood sample of oral and inhaled opium user's referring to Amir Al-Momenin Hospital in Zabol, Iran, ... Aungst BJ, Fung HL. Inhibition of oral lead absorption in rats by phosphate-containing products. J Pharm Sci 1983; 72(4): 345-8. Staudinger KC, Roth VS.


treatment of diabetes [Duncan, et al. 2011, The Diabetes Educator] ... To that end, I encourage all CHES/MCHES to raise awareness about the .... Justin R Batton. Kalani M Bauer. Allison Bayley. Stacey C Becker. Carlos A Bello. Christy M Belzer. Mari E Benavidez. Mackenzie L Bencze. Jennifer L Bentley. Stephanie R Bergt.


et al., 2012). It also has been reported that nutrient-rich growth media and high temperatures may enhance biofilm formation, due to increasing the expression level ... saline solution (w/v) sterile until it matched to 0.5. McFarland turbidity ..... 361-365. Poorabbas B., Mardaneh J., Rezaei Z., Kalani M., Pouladfar G., Alami.


Mar 7, 2018 ... The Fourth Estate is set to air as a series on Showtime starting Sunday, May 27, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The centerpiece gala film .... Produced by Rachael Fung, Gabrielle Nadig. ... This year's selection continues the tradition of spotlighting the best in nonfiction film with 12 stories all making their world premiere.


Jul 17, 2017 ... Glioblastoma recurrence after aggressive therapy typically occurs within six months, and patients inevitably succumb to their disease. Tumor recurrence is driven by a subpopulation of cancer stem cells in glioblastoma (glioblastoma stem-like cells,. GSCs), which exhibit resistance to cytotoxic therapies, ...