Aug 24, 2018 ... Close. Morovvat Taheri Kalani ..... in Shiraz, Iran 20. Jaskulski et al. in Brazil reported that all K. pneumoniae isolates were ESBL-positive.


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v. Shared experiences can be a form of social support, and I cannot think of anyone else I have shared ... To my Fantastic Four high school crew, Lauren, Kalani, and Namrata, thank you for your .... social network structure, function, and quality (Antonucci et al., 2010). ..... than close ties (Fung, Carstensen, & Lang, 2001).


are based on the injury mechanism and include all motor vehicle .... study by Nunez et al., the researchers found .... Woodring JH, Lee C, Duncan V. Transverse process .... M. Yashar S. Kalani, Aristotelis S. Filippidis, Nicholas Theodore. ... T.P. Saltzherr, P.H.P. Fung Kon Jin, L.F.M. Beenen, W.P. Vandertop, J.C. Goslings.


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