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Feb 13, 2017 ... If blocking the dog's view won't work, it's time to kill them—wait for it—with kindness. The dog barks at you because it sees you as a danger to it ...


Whenever I hear a dog barking and it won't shut up, I want to kill the dog. I want to go over to the dog and simply kill it. I know that the dog is just being a dog, but ...

Sep 22, 2016 ... After "fearing for his life" this cop killed a woman's dog after being barked at.


May 21, 2015 ... The hell of living next to a dog that won't stop barking: Nothing can excuse the neighbour who cruelly killed a yapping terrier, but as more ...


Akron Man Kills Barking Dog by Slamming Him to the Ground Police in Akron, Ohio have arrested a man who became so unglued by the serial barking of his ...


Dec 21, 2016 ... The 6th Circuit Court ruled that police were justified in fatally shooting Mark and Cheryl Browns' two dogs, one of which was sitting still.


Dec 22, 2016 ... A dog killed in a raid was "just standing there" when an officer shot her.


Jan 25, 2017 ... A woman is dead after a dispute over barking dogs led to a shooting Tuesday afternoon in Spring. ... Witnesses said the woman's small dog ran into the shooter's yard Tuesday. .... Two people shot, killed at Woodlands home.


Dec 27, 2016 ... A police officer can shoot a dog if it barks or moves when the officer enters a ... claiming that killing the dogs amounted to the unlawful seizure of ...