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Jan 7, 2008 ... The judgments are vacated and the cases are remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit for further consideration in light of Kimbrough v. United States, 552 U.S. ___ (2007). 07-7894 AWALA, GBEKE M. V. FIVE USSC JUSTICES, ET AL. Because the Court lacks a quorum, ...


Review all of the decisions in 2007 of the US Supreme Court cases.


Jan 27, 2014 ... Disclaimer: This document provided by the Commission=s Legal Staff is offered to assist in understanding and applying the sentencing guidelines. The information in this document does not necessarily represent the official position of the Commission, and it should not be considered definitive or ...


Feb 19, 2008 ... consideration in light of Kimbrough v. .... V. UNITED STATES. 07-466REEVES, ALICIA, ET AL. V. CHURCHICH, ALEX, ET AL. 07-468ACLU, ET AL. V. NSA, ET AL. 07-481WALTERS, RICKY M. V. MUKASEY, ATT'Y ... 07-576COOK CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER V. NEW ENGLAND PPO PLAN, ET AL.


Jul 26, 2004 ... In a well reasoned opinion in U.S. v. Mueffleman, et al. (D.Mass., July 26, 2004), Judge Gertner has held "that Blakely unquestionably applies to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines; and that the Guidelines are rendered unconstitutional in their entirety by that application." (Emphasis added). The opinion also ...


RESOLUTION TRUST CORPORATION, as receiver of IMPERIAL FEDERAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATIO , 511 U.S. 531 (1994), 05/23/94; BLAKELY, RALPH H. v. WASHINGTON , 542 U.S. 296 (2004), 06/24/04; BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF the STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, et al., Petitioners v. Todd FOX et al. , 492 U.S. ...


Writings by Justice Thomas. grouped by type, in alphabetical order by first party name. [ Opinions | Concurrences | Dissents | Concur in part, dissent in part ]. M&G POLYMERS USA, ET AL. v. TACKETT, HOBERT F., ET AL. , , 01/26/15. Opinions. *NOTICE: This opinion is subject to formal revision before publication in the pr ...


Kimbrough v. United States, 552 U. S. 85 (2007). Arave v. Hoffman, 552 U. S. 117 (2008) (per curiam). Wright v. Van Patten, 552 U. S. 120 (2008) (per curiam) ... EC Term of Years Trust v. United States, 550 U. S. 429 (2007). Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T Corp., 550 U. S. 437 (2007). Schriro v. Landrigan, 550 U. S. 465 (2007).


Feb 21, 2006 ... 05-6476. ANDRADE, ADALBERTO V. GONZALES, ATT'Y GEN., ET AL. The motion of petitioner for leave to proceed in forma pauperis and the petition for a writ of certiorari are granted. The judgment is vacated and the case is remanded to the United. States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit for further.