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Sep 14, 2014 ... Lepore and Kliewer (2013) demonstrated in a short-term ..... The CRIES had good reliability and validity (Giannopoulou et al., 2006).Cronbach ... condition ( experimental vs. control), and school were controlled in the models.


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A field intercomparison experiment of the disjunct eddy covariance (DEC) and the conventional eddy covariance (EC) techniques was conducted over a grass ...


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Med 268:524–535 Tonk V, Wilson KS, Timmons CF et al. (1995) Renal cell ...... Montravers F, Grahek D, Kerrou K, Younsi N, Beco V de, Talbot ...... Curr Opin Urol 13:255–260 Heneghan JP, Spielmann AL, Sheafor DH, Kliewer MA, DeLong


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