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Sep 14, 2014 ... Lepore and Kliewer (2013) demonstrated in a short-term ..... The CRIES had good reliability and validity (Giannopoulou et al., 2006).Cronbach ... condition ( experimental vs. control), and school were controlled in the models.


Lucian Ionescu •Claus Gwiggner •Natalia Kliewer. Received: 11 July ..... Tu et al. (2008). decompose delays into seasonal, propagation and random. patterns. .... dard errors of estimators tend to become so small, that even .... Conventional v. 2.


a) Consult the ACR Manual for Contrast Media, Version. 5.0). .... becoming concise but complete. References for 2nd Year: Clinical Urography, 2nd Ed., Pollack H, et. al., Chapter 4, ...... Maynor CH, Kliewer MA, Hertzberg ES, et al. Urinary ...


Feb 4, 2011 ... Third on the list is the usage of et al. Given the level of detail in these style rules, it's no surprise that many find them challenging. Here are three ...


What does the abbreviation et al. stand for? Meaning: and others. What is the correct use of et al.?


del V Congreso de la Asociación Española de Estudios Anglo-Norte- americanos (AEDEAN). ..... the description by Quirk et al. is richer (1985: 1162:-1163). We accept that ...... Modern English which beco mes rather stodgy, especially when it occurs ...... Amen". Evelyn Kliewer invented "The Jesus System for Weight Control ".


Oct 5, 2000 ... Andrea Galli et al. 1 ..... Berson, A., De Beco, V., Letteron, P., Robin, M.A., Moreau , C., El Kahwaji, J., Verthier,. N., Feldmann, G., Fromenty, B., ...


convierten en el ectodermo (Schoenwolf, Bleyl et al. 2012). ...... húmero distal ocasionalmente es bífido o con forma de V y algunas veces hipoplásico. El fémur es ..... 2002, Neto-Silva, de Beco et al. 2010, Ziosi ...... Kline, A. D., I. D. Krantz, A. Sommer, M. Kliewer, L. G. Jackson, D. R. FitzPatrick, A. V. Levin and A. Selicorni  ...


Med 268:524–535 Tonk V, Wilson KS, Timmons CF et al. (1995) Renal cell ...... Montravers F, Grahek D, Kerrou K, Younsi N, Beco V de, Talbot ...... Curr Opin Urol 13:255–260 Heneghan JP, Spielmann AL, Sheafor DH, Kliewer MA, DeLong