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Sep 14, 2014 ... Lepore and Kliewer (2013) demonstrated in a short-term ..... The CRIES had good reliability and validity (Giannopoulou et al., 2006).Cronbach ... condition ( experimental vs. control), and school were controlled in the models.


May 25, 2016 ... “Et al.” is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means “and others.” It is commonly used when you don't want to name all ...


Feb 4, 2011 ... Third on the list is the usage of et al. Given the level of detail in these style rules, it's no surprise that many find them challenging. Here are three ...


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Feb 15, 2018 ... Lucian Ionescu •Claus Gwiggner •Natalia Kliewer. Received: 11 July .... (2012). Note that both Yen and Birge (2006) and Lan et al. (2006) .... dard errors of esti mators tend to become so small, that even .... Conventional v. 2.


Radhakrishnan V Mookamibigai College of Engineering, India ..... n input surface on these new w explained. nents of the Sixth 2.2.1 Six y, et al. [5] d ...... ll phone beco ...... [2] L. Xiao, T. Fuja, J. Kliewer, and D. Costello, “A network coding


Med 268:524–535 Tonk V, Wilson KS, Timmons CF et al. (1995) Renal cell ...... Montravers F, Grahek D, Kerrou K, Younsi N, Beco V de, Talbot ...... Curr Opin Urol 13:255–260 Heneghan JP, Spielmann AL, Sheafor DH, Kliewer MA, DeLong


BAHL - Bank Al-Habib Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited BAHM - British Association of ... BANP - Chemins de fer Bozanti-Alep-Nissibine et Prolongements


are present on the fruits/fruit juice (Parameswari et al., 2015; Darias-Martin et al., 2003 ...... among fruit varieties (Kliewer et al., 1967). ..... included: growth at 37OC , glucose utilization at 50% (w/v), fermentation using 10 sugars ...... Ciani, M., Beco, L. and Comitini, F. (2006) Fermentation behavior and metabolic interactions of.