Holding: The case is not moot, and the First Amendment does not permit a public- sector union to impose a special assessment without the affirmative consent of ...


Issue: Whether, to establish that a statement is a true threat unprotected by the First Amendment, the government must show that a “reasonable person” would ...


White v. State …1977), which held that the husband had a legal right to be ... A jury convicted Knox of burglary in violation of Code Sec. ... Carpenter, 216 Va.


Knox v. Carpenter. Filed: March 21, 2019 as 6:2019cv00096. Cause Of ... Brown v. Social Security Administration. Filed: March 20, 2019 as 6:2019cv00095.


Jun 21, 2012 ... KNOX v. SERVICE EMPLOYEES. Syllabus vision and radio advertising, direct mail, voter registration, voter ed- ucation, and get out the vote ...


All California state employees are required to pay a fee to the Service Employees International Union for its representation of them, and the union is required to ...


Fourth Circuit Holds that Government Acquisition of Historical Cell-Site Location Information Is Not a Search.


After researching and analyzing issues related to corporate free speech, Nicole wrote a case comment on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Feb 28, 2019 ... The Knox Urbane Pro can be used as an armoured, abrasion resistant under layer that can be teamed up with any outer layer you wish.