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Disc film was a still-photography film format aimed at the consumer market, and introduced by ... While Kodak film was always eponymous, 3M and Konica made Disc film for many third parties, branded with ... There are still a small number of labs remaining in North America and the UK able to develop unprocessed disc film.


Dwayne's offers processing for a wide variety of film types including: Disc, 110, 116, 126, 127, and 616. See the chart below for which film sizes and types can be ...


Sep 13, 2013 ... Hi. I live in Chicago, Illinois, and I am interested in having some Kodak disc film processed. I have one disc with 15 exposures, and the photos ...


Disc film developing is available as an outlab service for $5.75 per disc. After developing, we can make prints in house for $1.10 per image (each disc typically  ...


Disc Film Processing, Reprinting and Scanning to CD services from Rapid Photo Imaging Center Inc. ... Disc film was developed by Kodak in the early 1980's.


We can develop your C41A (C-41A) color disc (disk) film. We can also make ... These films are older. Disc film is not comparable to new store bought Kodak film.


If you've discovered some exposed film discs in your business's archives, you may be able to develop them and perhaps rescue a piece of company history.


I recently sent a disc film to be developed. Although (edit) there were no images on the film, I certainly appreciate the attempt to develop the disc and at no cost to  ...

Dec 28, 2008 ... This video will show you how you can take your old Disc negatives and turn ... I'm planning to scan my old Kodak disc films with my Nikon D610 ...