A lackey or lacquey, in its original definition is a uniformed manservant. The modern connotation of "servile follower" appeared later, in 1588 (OED). Contents.


Lackey definition is - footman, servant. How to use lackey in a sentence.


I'm not your lackey so don't expect me to do it. ... Raines' lackey, Biz, follows her around. 2. ... Lackey: Why roll a blunt when I have three in my Volvo already?


Lackey definition, a servile follower; toady. See more.


lackey (plural lackeys). A footman .... lackey (third-person singular simple present lackeys, present participle lackeying, simple past and past participle lackeyed).


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A lackey is someone who works for someone else and tries to get ahead by kissing up to his superiors. For example, a lackey might carry his employer's luggage ...


lackey meaning: a servant or someone who behaves like one by obeying someone else's orders or by doing unpleasant work for them: . Learn more.


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