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Lambert the Sheepish Lion is a Disney animated short film that was released in 1952 and which is in turn loosely based on the fairy tale The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids by the Brothers Grimm. It was directed by Jack Hannah. The 8-minute film focuses on Lambert, a lion cub that is mistakenly left with a flock of sheep by  ...

Dec 2, 2006 ... If the inspection discovered that stork didn't deliver the Lambert to his mother - for not doing his job, he'd be fired. His mother probably cries for him, thanks to the stork who failed to complete the task given to him. And in fact same stork appeared in Dumbo with different appearance.. Read more. Show less.
Aug 10, 2015 ... Hide replies. HawaiiGirl797 months ago. Took my heart long ago and still holds it tight seeing this again. Watching the baby lion go right to the sheep and playing with her bell. omgosh then when the wolf is after his momma, the screams, the terror in their eyes and her crying for Lamber to save her!


Animation · A delivery stork mistakenly delivers Lambert, a lion cub, to a flock of sheep. The mother won't let the stork take him back, so Lambert is raised as a sheep, but he just doesn't fit in. He ... See full summary » ...


Lambert the Sheepish Lion is a Disney animated short film that was released in 1952. Lambert the Sheepish Lion was directed by Jack Hannah, and the voice of the narrator and the stork was provided by actor and Disney legend, Sterling Holloway.


Lambert Lion is the titular main character of the 1952 cartoon short Lambert the Sheepish Lion...


A description of tropes appearing in Lambert the Sheepish Lion. A Disney animated short released in 1952. It is narrated by Sterling Holloway. Lambert, a …


Lambert the Sheepish Lion (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading) [Walt Disney Productions] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Delivered by the stork to Mrs. Sheep, Lambert finds growing up difficult.


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