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Quickly find answers to your Easements and land use law questions with the help of a local lawyer. ... Q&A. Asked in Cookeville, TN | Nov 27, 2017 · Save ... Do I have any rights since the owner at the time helped put the fence up? Read 2 ... I interpret that as the county does not have a right of way on my side of the road.


Quickly find answers to your Right of way easement questions with the help of a local lawyer. ... A fellow who owns the property across the street from my land excavated my ... About 15 years ago my dad gave my son almost 11 acres of property and I ... Concerning Greene County Tennessee specific to Nitrogen plant pipes.


Aug 1, 2012 ... PUTNAM COUNTY REGIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION. ASSISTED ..... ( including easements of access) or utilities, i.e., all tracts front on existing county roads as listed on .... The acreage of the land to be subdivided. .... rights-of-way provided for public services, utilities, and the disposal of surface water ...


Jun 7, 2017 ... If so, it can limit the ability for you to conduct work on the land owned by a private party. Rights-of-way and easements are both examples of property rights, and can ... Contact the county for more information on the easements.


Mar 15, 2012 ... Depending on the size of the easement and the type of land it covers, there may be some issues regarding maintenance. For example, it may ...