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Jan 24, 2015 ... lowing emoticons as warnings: bombs for violence, lips for sex, #! for language, .... Chino in Bodega Dreams. • Lani in What Happened to Lani.


Apr 13, 2015 ... The subject parcel is located on the east hillside of Pablo Valley on the island of O'ahu within the Conservation District, General subzone, and ...


Iverster, OSACOM; and Staff Sgt. Lani .... Lani Hefel, 27, Ankeny, 7:51:41 ..... lowing: (a) Completed Basic Training and Ad- vanced Indivdual Training, or TECH.


Jul 15, 2013 ... Lani et al. For decades it has ...... lowing investigation was performed. ..... lowing: • The colour–density relation was observed to hold at least up ...


Jan 1, 1995 ... the diffusion coefficient of hydrogen in LaNi~ vary over three orders of .... lowing procedure was used to prepare the LaNi4.25A10.75 pel-.


Feb 5, 1996 ... ... civil suit, and the foils lowing month he and Presley began publicly dating. ... as friends, sources say, at Hawaii's Mauna Lani hotel last June.


lowing three phenomena take place simultaneously: (i) yield point ..... 15) P. J. Jacques, Q. Furnemont, F. Lani, T. Pardoen and F. Delannay: Acta Mater., 55 ...


By Caroline Fanning and Lani M'cleod. Contributors and Editors: Priscilla Ramos, ..... lowing is a brief description of the food sys- tem's various players and their ...