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McFarland is a city in the San Joaquin Valley, in Kern County, California, United States. ..... v · t · e. Municipalities and communities of Kern County, California, United States ... 18 Mile House · Allard · Amalie · Artwell · Asphalto · Barnes Settlement · Benita · Big Blue Mill · Borel · Burkeville · Cabernet · Cambio · Canebrake ...


Hoffman v. Ford Motor Co., 587 N.W.2d 66, 71 (Minn.App.1998). While courts have long afforded redress for the destruction of evidence, Federated Mut. Ins. Co.


The defendant explained that, on the day before, Yarnell McFarland told him that she had seen a large amount of cocaine in the victim's house. The defendant ...


Learn more about McFarland standards ... cost-effective for laboratories that test large numbers of bacterial isolates against a limited set of antimicrobial agents. ... of 65% methanol and 35% (v⧸v) 0.05 M monobasic sodium phosphate buffer.


Jun 3, 2014 ... v. Joseph MILLER, an individual; Andaconda, Inc., t/a Spanky McFarland's, a New Jersey corporation; Strawberry Fields, Inc., a New Jersey ...


Jan 24, 2017 ... In McFarland v. Town of Mashpee, McFarland sought to recover directly for the emotional ... Gill was choking on several large marshmallows.


Dec 10, 1999 ... McFARLAND, C.J.: Marlin D. Long appeals his jury trial convictions of ... State v. Harkness, 252 Kan. 510, 531, 847 P.2d 1191 (1993); State v.


Dredge McFarland Factsheet, ... High-powered pumps, large single open-hopper design amidships, and hopper distribution system with retention capability for ...


Dennis J. McFarland*, Lynn M. McCane, Stephen V. David, Jonathan R. Wolpaw ... The CAR and large Laplacian methods proved best able to distinguish ...