This is a list of common Latin abbreviations. Nearly all the abbreviations below have been .... I need to go to the store and buy some pie, milk, cheese, etc. Because cetera implies inanimate objects, et al. is preferred when speaking of people.


Punctuation isn't the only confusing thing about et al. Its Latin origin causes some confusion too, because the phrase in Latin could be written three different ...


Even if you don't speak Latin, you should know the two meanings of et al. Learn what et al. is, how to use it, and what mistakes to avoid.




May 25, 2016 ... “Et al.” is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means “and others.” It is commonly used when you don't want to name all ...


Et al. definition, and others. See more. ... 1. < Latin et aliī (masculine plural), et alia (neuter plural) ... also et al, 1883, abbreviation of Latin et alii (masc.), et aliæ  ...


et al. definition: Et al. is defined as an abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alia which means "and others." (abbreviation) An example of et. al. used as an ...


How to Use Et Al. Latin abbreviations, like etc. and et al. are used frequently and often incorrectly. Et al. means "and others", and abbreviates people in a list, ...


With six or more authors, you will only cite the first author followed by et al. the first time and every time. ... APA Formatting & Style: Latin Abbreviations et al.