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The detergent effects of certain synthetic surfactants were noted in Germany in 1917, in response to shortages of soap during World War ...


History of Soap and Detergent continuted from the 1900s though now. ... of detergents for all-purpose laundry uses came in 1946, when the first "built" detergent ...


History of Soap and Detergent from Prehistoric Ages through the Middle Ages.


Includes: the 411 on laundry detergent history, modern washing machines, and clean water.


History of detergent and its predecessor the soap spans across centuries of ... water conservation washing machines, laundry detergent "all in one" tablets.


Oct 22, 2016 ... Tide laundry detergent is the top selling detergent in the United States. Learn the history of Tide laundry detergent and how it has evolved.


Nov 20, 2015 ... Brief History of Procter & Gamble; P&G's Path to Synthetic .... Procter & Gamble decided to market a granulated laundry detergent and a liquid ...


Description of important inventions over the years of the history of detergents are ... all-purpose laundry applications, when the first "built" detergent (containing a ...


Though, various records showed that the soaps were manufactured since ancient times, usually boiling ashes and fats, the first synthetic detergent was ...