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Nov 10, 2017 ... Bruce Pascal, Mercedes Pillette, Alexandra. Santana, Miche' Sharpe, Andrew Sheppe,. Amie Smith, Mike Spicer, Mildred Sutton,. Katherine Timmons, Lisa Tyree, Nicole. Walker, Carolyn White, David White,. Robert Wickens, Jennifer Wise, and Kyoko. Yamamoto,. Plaintiffs, v. EQUIFAX, INC.,. Defendant.


Oct 8, 2017 ... People of the State of Cal. v. Equifax, Inc., No. CGC-17-561529 (S.F. Super. Ct. filed Sept. 26, 2017) complaint hosted by consumerfinancemonitor.com. On September 26, 2017, the City of San Francisco (“the City”) initiated a suit against Equifax in a state court stemming from a data breach that occurred ...


RICHARD C. NOTEBAERT, et al., ... (N.D. Ill. May 22, 2008); see also Makor Issues & Rights, Ltd. v. Tellabs Inc., 513 F. 3d 702, 705. (7th Cir. 2008); Tellabs, Inc. v. Makor Issues & Rights, Ltd., 437 F.3d 588, 603-05 (7th Cir. .... representatives, Plaintiffs propose Alan A. Mobley, Richard J. LeBrun, Nolan Howell, and lead.