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by Machamer et al (2000), but with some important differences. Their approach is that .... Coward (2001) has therefore argued that selection pressures deriving from the ..... et al (1990), and. LeDoux (1992) proposed various versions of this view. ..... the two levels (that is, reinforcement learning vs. rule learning). It provided a ...


Oct 21, 2016 ... vs internal shocks vs magnetic reconnection, Kobayashi et al. 1997; Daigne ...... effects affect the observed redshift distribution of GRBs (Coward, 2007), and so their intrinsic rate. The .... content (Ledoux et al., 2009).


Apr 14, 2015 ... ing methods are not sufficiently cost effective (Coward et al. 2013 ..... exit pore size in the limewood and ceramic spargers (20 vs. 35 μm ...


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