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v. Cash Reserve Management, Inc., [1982-83 Transfer Binder] FED. SEC. L. REP. (CCH) .... criticism and industry lobbying campaign that the proposed 1934 Act inspired. 7 .... Vicarious Liability of Controlling Persons Under the Securities Acts, 11 LoY. ... person of the corporation, an officer or director may be liable for acts.


appraises the impact that the decision in McLain will have on the jurisdic- ... McLain v. Real Estate Bd. of New Orleans, Inc., 583 F.2d 1315 (5th Cir. 1978). ... Underwriters Ass'n, 322 U.S. 533, 543 (1944) (fire insurance); Boddicker v. ..... But see Comment, The Shifting Jurisdiction of the Antitrust Laws, 33 WASH. & LEE L.


the specialty packaging industry, the plaintiff Chesapeake Corporation and the defendant .... 4 I use the definitions set forth in Unitrin. Inc. v. American Gen 'I Corp., Del. Supr., 6.5 1 A. ..... directors considered their cumulative impact,. 23 ..... Shorewood as well as the advice of brokerage houses like Salomon Smith. ” JX 2 , at ...


fraud, wage and hour, and antitrust class actions, the overall impact of these case law .... LEE L. REV. 21, 25 ..... Raymark Industries, Inc.,32 the court upheld. 22.


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context of a claims-made policy can be found in Root v. .... jurisdiction in which a coverage action is filed may impact choice of law. ..... Insurance Services Office, Inc. ("ISO"), an insurance industry organization.27 Other ...... 13 Lee R. Russ & Thomas F. Segalla, Couch on Insurance 3d § 193.30 (1997). ...... Id. (quoting Loy v.


Packaging Industries standard and how the Massachusetts judicial system has ... have a critical impact on the parties and on the outcome of litigation.8 ..... GTE Prod. Corp. v. Stewart, 414 Mass. 721, 724 (1993) (emphasis added) .... entry of the injunction”); Am. Stop Loss Ins. Brokerage Serv., Inc. v. ... Injunctions, 23 Loy.