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Jul 21, 2011 ... Gumfoot silk glue vs. viscid silk glue (a) and (b) show individual viscid silk thread and gumfoot silk thread spun by ..... Capadona J. R. et al.


Comparison of physical and mechanical properties of mineral trioxide aggregate and Biodentine. Butt N(1), Talwar S, Chaudhry S, Nawal RR, Yadav S, Bali A.


While the influence of paste properties on concrete performance has been extensively ... aggregate modulus and concrete coefficient of thermal expansion ( CTE) to ..... Appendix B. Plots of 28-d Compressive Strength vs. ...... Tasong et al.


Jun 1, 2017 ... *Data from Rubinstein et al. ..... although γA4EC3–6 shows a more pronounced EC4–EC5 bend angle (32.6° for γA4 vs. ... the three mutants that were unable to deliver Pcdhα7 to cell surface did not aggregate cells, .... The homophilic recognition properties of alternate (non C-type) clustered Pcdhs may be ...