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The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) is a stocky and powerful shark. A member of the family Carcharhinidae, lemon sharks can grow to 3.4 metres (11 ft) in ...


The Lemon Shark, also known as the Negaprion Brevirostris, is the best known and most researched of all sharks. Unlike most sharks, the Lemon is able to ...


The lemon shark is easily recognized for its two, equal-size dorsal fins and its yellow-brown to olive color, ideal camouflage against sandy in-shore areas they  ...


The lemon shark is mainly found in the gulf of mexico and the southern coast of the United States. This shark is yellow in color which is where the name derives.


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Lemon shark is a species of shark that can be easily recognized by the yellowish color of the skin. This animal can be found along the coasts of North and South ...


Not all sharks are lone hunters of the deep. Check out the surprisingly social lemon shark.

Oct 3, 2013 ... http://Ojatro.com http://Ojatroblog.blogspot.com Lemon sharks are fast-swimming, agile predators that feed primarily on free-swimming bony fish ...


Lemon Sharks (Negaprion brevirostris) are called lemon sharks because of their distinctive yellow color. They tend to stay close to the surface of the water.