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Leroy Jenkins may refer to: Leroy Jenkins (jazz musician) (1932–2007), composer and free jazz violinist and violist; Leroy Jenkins (televangelist) (1934– 2017), American televangelist; Leeroy Jenkins, a player character and Internet meme originating in the computer game World of Warcraft ...


Leeroy Jenkins is a character name for a player character created by Ben Schulz in Blizzard Entertainment's MMORPG World of Warcraft. The character became popular due to his role in a video which became an internet meme. Knowledge of the video has spread beyond the game's community and into other online and ...


Leroy Jenkins (February 19, 1934 – June 21, 2017) was an American televangelist and preacher who was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. He was known for his faith healing, through the use of "miracle water". His television program can be seen on stations across the U.S. and internationally on Christian television ...

Feb 27, 2014 ... This is the original file from May 2005 now brought to you in glorious 480p.


Leeeeeeeeeeerooooy Jenkinnnnns!” is a popular catchphrase first screamed by a World of Warcraft player of the same name, just before ignorantly charging headlong into battle and ruining his group's carefully laid out plans.


A now popular (April/May 2005) mantra used by people online. Usually before running into a large crowd of enemies in Online Role Playing Games. Named after a vidoe made in World of Warcraft where a guy runs into a huge crowd of creatures yelling "Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!"


Welcome to the official website of the Christian Evagelist Reverend Leroy Jenkins where Faith works and Jesus Never Fails.


Jun 28, 2011 ... Leeroy Jenkins has been mentioned and plugged so many times in pop culture that the days of his being a World of Warcraft reference are in decline and we're coming to a point that most of the world has no idea of the origin of the joke. It's just a funny thing that exists, disembodied from its nerdy, video ...


Jun 22, 2017 ... Leroy Jenkins, once Central Ohio's most notorious televangelist, died Wednesday in Florida. Columbus Monthly published this cover story about him in May 2003, as he dealt with a shrinking flock, a fugitive son, a disappointing biographical movie and "miracle water" suspected of causing diarrhea.