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Jun 24, 2013 ... ... Bolin P, Brancati FL, Bray GA, Clark JM, Coday M, Crow RS, Curtis JM, Egan CM ... Harrison B, Hazuda HP, Hill JO, Horton ES, Hubbard VS, Jakicic JM, ... Daly M, Egan C, Ferguson E, Foss L, Gauvin J, Kieffer D, Lessard L, ...


Oct 6, 2015 ... Cases were categorised non-critical vs critical as this was considered .... Sources of funding L. Curtis was funded by the School of Veterinary Medicine ... Tinker MK , White NA, Lessard P, Thatcher CD, Pelzer KD, Davis B, et al.


1954, Cottam and Curtis 1956). Distance to the furthest (Nth) ... plots and horizontal point sampling by Lessard et al. (1994) in several lake state ..... v s x x. = 2 is distributed as χ2 with n – 1 degrees of freedom (Fisher et al. 1922; Pielou 1969).


species pools (Lessard et al., 2016), with the additional problem that binary thresholds or ..... versus colonized probabilities (black triangles). Area under the ...... Beals, E.W. (1984) Bray–Curtis ordination: an effective strategy for analysis of  ...


Nov 8, 2011 ... Products produced commercially via plant cell culture (Kolewe et al., 2008; Obembe .... of their fast doubling times compared to plant species (minutes vs. days), .... for short-term expression (Lessard et al., 2002; Komarova et al., 2010). .... conditions can be more easily controlled (Andrews and Curtis, 2005).


Ward, Cynthia V., "Mental Illness and Danger to Self " (2014). Faculty .... Lessard v. Schmidt .... See, e.g., Stephen M. Crow et al., Who is at Greatest Risk of Work- ...... See, e.g., Alicia Curtis, Involuntary Commitment, BAD SUBJECTS, Dec. 2001  ...


May 1, 2017 ... Allan Fishel, et al.,. Appellants, vs. Encompass Indemnity Company,. Respondent . ... 27-CV-16-116. E. Curtis Roeder, Timothy D. Johnson, Alexander M. Jadin, Jerri C. Adams, Roeder Smith .... Lessard v. Milwaukee Ins. Co.


Feb 1, 2014 ... Conception and design: D.P. Labbé, L. Lessard, V. Giguère, L.C. .... Klupa T,; Malecki MT,; Pezzolesi M,; Ji L,; Curtis S,; Langefeld CD,; et al.


“One study (Crosby et al., 1992) stumbled upon the fact that . . .” However ... of the first six authors, and shorten any remaining authors to “et al.” 5. ..... Lessard v.