Leticia is the southernmost city in the Republic of Colombia, capital of the department of Amazonas, Colombia's southernmost town (4.09° south 69.57° west) and one of the major ports on the Amazon river.


The Leticia Incident, also called the Leticia War or the Colombia–Peru War (1 September 1932 ... Military Forces which were encroached upon the banks of the Putumayo River stopped several large trade ships from traveling to Leticia.


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May 13, 2019 ... Deep in the Amazon jungle, at the borders of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, Leticia is a jumping off point for adventure treks and river trips.


Leticia is a city in the Amazonas department of Colombia. It is part of a contiguous settlement that includes Tabatinga in Brazil. On a nearby island in the river is ...


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Located on the Amazon River where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet, Leticia is some 800km from the nearest Colombian highway. It's a bustling town abuzz ...