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Professor Assaf is a pharmacoepidemiologist who is currently a Senior Director and Enterprise Benefit Risk Medical Director in Pfizer Inc's Chief Medical Office.


As indicated in the Advil Drug Facts, ibuprofen, like all NSAIDs, may cause severe stomach bleeding. ... Lewis SC, Langman MJ, Laporte JR, Mathews JN, Rawlins MD, Wiholm BE. ... Moore N, Van Ganse E, Le Parc J-M, et al. ... Pfizer Inc is a pharmaceutical company committed to helping people improve their health by ...


Stryder Lewis a. , Shoshanna ... Study funded by unrestricted educational research grants from Janssen and Pfizer Inc. ... syndrome prevalence rate was 40.9% (McEvoy et al., .... ⁎Significant difference by metabolic syndrome (MetSyn) (+) vs.


Mar 12, 2007 ... Subjects who continued to meet all inclusion/exclusion criteria ... to receive celecoxib 200 mg b.d. (Celebrex; Pfizer Inc., New York, .... *P < 0.001 vs. placebo; †P < 0.001 vs. celecoxib. ..... Dr Lewis is a consultant to Pfizer and has received travel expenses; he has also received honoraria from Given Imaging.