In a series of studies, Lewis et al. found that joy and interest faces were mostly .... the issue (see for example, Bornstein & Manian, 2013; Voorthuis et al., 2013). ..... to goal blockage may not be related to the positive vs. negative temperament ...


Changes in average RSA(VNA) paralleled the observed changes in facial .... using the same task (Alessandri et al., 1990; Lewis et al., 1990; Sullivan et al., ..... and adults (Porges & Raskin, 1969; Suess & Bornstein, 2000; Suess, Newlin, ...


Aug 30, 2017 ... ROBERTA BORENSTEIN, Petitioner v. COMMISSIONER OF ... all relevant times, and all Rule references are to the Tax Court Rules of Practice.


Bornstein, 1989b; Bornstein et al., 1992; De Wolff & van IJzen- doorn, 1997; Landry, Smith, ..... subjects factor, activity: explorations vs. play vs. bids to mother vs. vocalization) .... cies (R. Q. Bell, 1979; Lewis & Rosenblum, 1974). The three- term.


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Leland Bornstein, Judith A. Bornstein, Defendants-appellees ... Cornelius Cooper , Michael Edwards, et al., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. ...... Gray Murray, Sam Ramsey, Ken Henson, Mariam Lewis, Bud Hartley, Individually and As Representatives ...


In C. Lewis & P. Mitchell (Eds.), Children's understanding of mind. ... Boucher, J, & Lewis, V (1990). .... In M. H. Bornstein & A. W. O'Reilly (Eds.), The role of play in the development of ... Cite this article as: Libby, S., Powell, S., Messer, D. et al.


New York State Department of Health et al., Respondents. ... New York City (Gary A. Bornstein of counsel), for Empire State Pride Agenda and others, amici .... Constitution does not require judicial recognition of same-sex marriage]; Lewis v.


In this study (Kasari et al., 1988) individual differences within the ASD .... play activity when the child and mother are playing together (Bornstein et al., 2002). ... DS vs. TD) as between-subject factor were used on the summary indexes of .... ( Lewis and Boucher, 1995; Charman and Baron-Cohen, 1997; Lewis et al., 2000).