Firearm case law in the United States is based on decisions of the Supreme Court and other .... Lewis v. United States, 445 U.S. 55 (1980) - Ruling that the Congress may prohibit .... Others, however, have seen no conflict with the Second Amendment by the Commonwealth of Kentucky's statute under consideration in Bliss ...


Padilla v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, 559 U.S. 356 (2010), is a case in which the United States Supreme Court decided that criminal defense attorneys must ...


Case opinion for KY Supreme Court LEWIS v. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


TAWAIIN WILLIAM LEWIS V. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY. ... Receive free daily summaries of new Kentucky Supreme Court opinions. Subscribe ...


Lewis v. Lewis - 875 S.W.2d 862. ... hold that the statutes of the Commonwealth require that an indigent person has a right to appointed counsel in civil contempt  ...

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107 U.S. 110 (1 S.Ct. 625, 27 L.Ed. 354). BUSH v. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY. Decided: January 29, 1883. L. P. Tarleton, Jr., for plaintiff in error.


Nov 12, 1996 ... Asserting state law claims, Lewis, a Kentucky native, brought suit in Kentucky state court, for injuries sustained in a construction accident, ...


Holding: The lawyer for an alien charged with crime has a constitutional obligation to tell the client that a guilty plea carries a risk that he will be deported.