Country Code: +218. International Call Prefix: 0945777241. Trunk Prefix: Calling formats[edit]. To call in Libya, the following format is used: xxx xxxx Calls within ...


With some assistance from the international community, and funded by an expatriate Libyan, a limited international service became ...


First of all mobile phones in Libya means only one thing: PAYG (pay as you go), there is no options to get a monthly contract, so you buy some credit in 5 or 10 ...


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Purchase a new cell phone and SIM card for Libya and take advantage of the low rates that the local cellular phone users are paying, regardless of the length of ...


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List of Libya area codes, dialling codes, calling codes, calling libyan mobile & cell phones, Libyan towns & cities codes.


The below are two telephone numbers my friend gave me. I am wondering if some codes are missing?or maybe Libya has once changed some area code or  ...


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